(Get it?  IV classes?  Hmm....)
LPN IV Certification classes for the Florida Panhandle (Class may also be used for RN review)

IVY Classes, Inc was started in 2012 to fill a need in the Florida panhandle for LPN IV Certification classes. The class itself was developed in and has been taught since 2002. Many facilities in the area could not afford to send their LPN's "down south" for training so IVY Classes was born. We initially started in the Pensacola region but are now expanding throughout Northwest Florida and beyond.  Our training site is currently located in Crestview, Fl. But we will happily bring the training to you (with certain guidelines). Our company is ran by an RN with 30 years experience and IVY Classes is dedicated to not just getting you certified to do IV's but to teaching you the ins and outs (and a few secrets) of being successful.  Give us a call today to register for your class.  Or click "Class Sign Up" in the left menu to get started on your class today! 

IVY Classes, Inc 

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Florida LPN IV Certification Class-Located in Northwest Fl
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